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    Canoe in style with our branded Yellowknife Canoe Co tshirt!
  • Quest 150

    The Quest 150 is a compact skin-on-frame touring kayak. It is long enough for effortless cruising, and roomy enough to hold your over-night camping gear, yet it is small enough to fit moderate size paddlers. The 150 is in its element when your travels cover many miles and hours of paddling. At the end of a long day you will send some grateful thoughts to the Quest's outstanding seat.
  • PakCanoe 170

    The wilderness workhorse. It will carry enough gear for a full-scale expedition on a wilderness river and is the best alternative in shallow water situations. Over the years, the 170 has become the preferred expedition canoe where logistics are challenging.
  • PakCanoe 150

    PakCanoe 150 is best if you like to paddle solo but want to have capacity for two people and camping gear for a week. It has good speed and tracks well on flatwater, yet performs well on Class III whitewater.
  • Canoe in style with our branded Yellowknife Canoe Co baseball cap!


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